Locate a Grant Number with WBS Element

​​How to find a grant number with a WBS element number:

  1. Type FMRA in the transaction code box in SAP.  Press enter and the Departmental Reporting Tree will appear.
  2. Click on the plus sign next to Master Data.
  3. Double Click on WBS Master Report. This will take you to the WBS Master Report Screen.
  4. Enter the WBS Element number in the WBS Element field.  Note: You can also leave the WBS Element field blank and when you do the next step you will get a list of all the WBS Element numbers that are created instead of just the one you are looking at.
  5. Press Execute or F8. The WBS Master Report will be displayed. The Grant number will be displayed in the “WBS Text” column. Note that the Grant number starts with an Alpha character of F, S, P or C. The Alpha characters stand for:
  • F = Federal
  • S = State
  • P = Private
  • C = Internal.
Refer to the Contact & Cost Center Information List or How to Display Grant Information in the Grants Management (GM) System to determine which grant accountant is responsible for the WBS element or grant number.