Electronic W-2s FAQ's

How do I consent to receive my W-2 form electronically?
You can consent to receive your W-2 form electronically on CentralLink To do so:
  • login to Centr​alLink and go to "My Account"
  • Under the "Finances" section select "View my W-2"
  • Follow the instructions to give consent
Your W-2 will no longer be mailed to your permanent address.

If I have consented to receive my W-2 form electronically, how will I know when it is available on CentralLink?
An email will be sent to you prior to January 31st of each year to inform you that your W-2 form is available for you to view/print on CentralLink. Notices will also be provided on CentralLink when they are available for you.

How do I withdraw my consent to receive my W-2 form electronically and instead receive a paper W-2 form in the mail?
If you have consented to receive your W-2 form electronically, you can withdraw that consent by sending written notices to Payroll & Travel Services, 204 Warriner Hall, Mount Pleasant, MI 48859.

Can I use the electronic W-2 form on CentralLink with my income tax return?
Yes, the W-2 form complies with all IRS regulations required for it to be acceptable for use in filing your income tax return. Generally, if you file electronically you do not need a paper W-2 form. If you file a paper return you can obtain a paper W-2 form.

Are W-2s from prior years available electronically? If so, how far back?
Yes, current employees can receive forms for the current year plus 3 prior years.

Can I view my W-2 form after I terminate or retire from the University?
Yes, in most cases W-2 forms for terminated or retired employees can be viewed online. Contact the Help Desk at 989-774-3662 for assistance logging into CentralLink.

My W-2 is not printing correctly, who do I contact?
Contact the Help Desk at 989-774-3662 for assistance with technical difficulties related to printing.​
Central Michigan University • 1200 S. Franklin St. • Mount Pleasant, Mich. 48859 • 989-774-4000