Timesheet Printing

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Timesheet Printing 

In certain circumstances, paper timesheets are still needed. Paper timesheets for faculty, staff and students can be generated by all users with standard SAP Access.

Manager's Desktop (MDT) users will retain their ability to run timesheets through MDT.

To avoid duplicate timesheets being received by the Payroll office, please continue to designate only one person (MDT or a standard user) who will run the timesheets.

The procedures for running timesheets are documented below; links to the procedures for standard users are also accessible from within the SAP User Menu.

General printing procedure:

Instructions for printing to SAP or a local printer

​Printing timesheets for standard users:

Timesheet Printing for Students and Temporary Employees
Timesheet Printing for Biweekly Pay (UB) Employees
Timesheet Printing for Semimonthly Pay (US) Employees