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​​​​Area of Responsibility Payroll Staff​ Phone​
Direct Deposit Processing/Questions
Final Pay Calculations
Garnishments/Child Support
Leave Time Questions
Payroll Processing
Taxable Tuition Waivers
Timelink Assistance
Timelink Audit
          Supervisors Approval
          Time Entry
W-4 Form Processing
Debbie Teeter
Cortney Homant
​(989) 774-3482
(989) 774-3483
​Payroll Processing
Payroll Expense Distribution Reports
Retirement Reporting
          MPSERS, Fidelity, TIAA-CREF
Verification of Employment
Tena Best ​(989) 774-7387
​Federal & Michigan Taxes
Out-of-State Taxes
Non-Resident Alien Tax Issues
Manager's Desktop Inquirie
Becky Gilbert ​(989) 774-1055
Timelink Administrator and Training
Troubleshoot Payroll Issues
Oversee Day-to-Day Operations of Payroll & Travel Services
System Testing and Configuration
W-2 Processing and Reconciliation
Quarterly 941 Federal Tax Return

Sara Yonkey

(989) 774-7358

​CMU Business Card Reconciliation Forms
Employee Reimbursement Vouchers
Study Abroad Docu​​menation Auditing​
Travel Questions
​​K​yle Souder​ ​(989) 774-3525