Payroll and Travel Service Contacts

​204 Warriner Hall
​Phone: 774-3481, Fax: 774-1069

​Area of Responsibility
​Payroll/Travel Staff
Final Pay Calculations
Garnishments/Child Support
Leave Time Questions
Timelink (Audits and Assistance)
Direct Deposit Changes
Taxable Tuition Waivers
W-4 (income tax withholding) changes
Debbie Teeter
Katy Forshee

CMU Business Card Application and Active Pay Support 
Direct Deposit Changes
Taxable Tuition Waivers
W-4 (income tax withholding) changes

Janice Sager 


Payroll Processing
Payroll Expense Distribution Reports
Retirement Reporting (MPSERS, TIAA)

Tena Best
CMU Business Card Reconciliation
Employee Reimbursement Vouchers
Business Expense Policies

Kyle Souder
CMU Business Card Reconciliation
CMU Employee Reimbursement Vouchers
Global Campus Accounts Payable
Adjunct Faculty Contracts


Employment Taxes
Non-Resident Alien Pmt Approval and Tax Issues
Canadian Payroll
Graduate Taxable Tuition

Becky Gilbert

Payroll and Travel Services Manager
Overpayment corrections
W-2 Processing and 941 Federal Tax Returns

Sara Yonkey
​Merchant Services
CMU Business Credit Card Support
Business Expense Policies
Employee Reimbursements and Credit Card Reconciliation Forms
Chris Zalud