Reviewing Reconciliation Forms

In an effort to assist supervisors in quickly reviewing and approving CMU Business Credit Card Reconciliation Forms, we have compiled a list of the top ten things to review:

1 All transactions listed on the  Credit Card statement are legitimate business purchases.
2 Verify that purchases made using the CMU Business Credit Card are allowable. Purchases that are not allowed will be deducted from cardholder's paycheck.
3 There are original itemized receipts for all business expenses except for per diem meals for the current statement period.
4 Section A - Contact is filled in with Cardholder information.
5 A narrative is included to describe all travel expenses.
6 All travel expenses are reported in Section B - Daily Travel Expenses including dates and times of travel.
7 Supplies and equipment costing over $500 are recorded in Section D - Expenditures.
8 All Entertainment and Hosting activities are listed in Section D - Expenditures. Additional information for these expenses needs to be recorded on the Entertainment/Hosting Activities Supplemental Attachment or on a separate sheet of paper.
9 The cardholder and their supervisor or someone administratively senior have reviewed the Reconciliation Form and signed in Section F - Approval, and include the senior administrator's printed name.

If a reimbursement claim is present, Section G -     Financial is filled out correctly with Cost Centers, Internal Order Numbers, GLs, Amounts and Descriptions.

If you have any questions regarding the procedures listed above, please contact Kyle Souder​ at x3525 or Maureen Middleton at x6944..​​