Entertainment or Business Meal Payment Options

All entertainment/business meal payments and reimbursements must meet the IRS documentation and University policy requirements (documentation of date, item, place [city/state], firm/guest business relationships and purpose, and must be substantiated with an itemized receipt) as published by Payroll & Travel Services. Any questions regarding the payment options may be directed to 774-3525.

The Global Campus handles their own payments and reimbursements. Due to their unique nature, their payment options may vary from those below.

1. CMU Business Credit Card

The CMU Business Credit Card should be used whenever possible for entertainment/business meals. This is not always possible or cost effective for the University. Below are alternative payment methods.

2. Entertainment/Business Meal Costs of $1,500 and Greater

When the entertainment/business meal costs are expected to be $1,500 or greater, a department may process the request and payment on a Purchase Order. In such cases, there may be cost savings to the University, as an official Purchase Order indicates to the vendor that CMU is a tax-exempt institution.

3. Vendors Accepting Only Purchase Orders

When a department wishes to do business with a vendor that accepts Purchase Orders exclusively (no other method of payment is acceptable), and when the department knows the entertainment/business meal cost is expected to exceed $200, the department may process the request and payment on a Purchase Order. If the entertainment/business meal cost is expected to be below $200, the department employee is encouraged to obtain a cash advance on his or her CMU Business Credit Card to cover these expenses.

4. Out of Pocket

An employee may pay for business meals with their own means. They may seek reimbursement once a month for business expenses via the CMU Business Card Reconciliation Form (if a cardholder) or via the Employee Reimbursement Voucher‚Äč (if not a cardholder).