***Visa Intellilink is in the process of rebranding and will update to Visa Spend Clarity in late September***

Visa Intellilink is a complete reporting and expense management system that allows CMU Business Cardholders to manage their transactions, upload expense receipts, and submit their expense reports for approval online.

Employee Access -

Frequently Asked Information 

Q: What is Visa Intellilink Spend Management? 

A: Visa Intellilink Spend Management is a web-based expense management system. Through Visa Intellilink Spend Management CMU Cardholders and their authorized delegates are able to code their CMU Business Credit Card transactions, create expense reports, and submit their expense reports for approval. 

Q: Who will use Visa Intellilink Spend Management? 

A: All CMU Business Credit Cardholders and employees who approve expense reports will have access to Visa Intellilink. 

Q: How do I submit reimbursement vouchers if I am not a CMU Business Cardholder? 

A: Only CMU Business Cardholders and faculty and staff that require access to approve or edit their transactions will have Intellilink accounts. All other faculty and staff will submit a paper reimbursement voucher to Payroll and Travel Services.

Q: Can I authorize another CMU employee to code expenses and create expense reports on my behalf? 

A: Yes, Intellilink allows CMU Cardholders to authorize delegate users to code expenses, create expenses reports, and submit these reports on behalf of another user. To authorize a delegate please complete the CMU Delegate Authorization form. 

Q: How do I access my credit card statement in Intellilink? 

A: Statements will no longer be emailed to cardholders. Paper statements will still be mailed to the employees business address. To access your statement in Intellilink go to Accounts, select your card account, the statement tab and the billing cycle you wish to download a statement for. A download icon  on the right side of the screen will allow you to download your statement. 

Q: How do I get access to Visa Intellilink Spend Management? 

A: Your user account will automatically be created by Payroll and Travel Services. Once your account is activated you will receive an email with your username and an email with your initial password. 

Q: How is this system different from ActivePay? 

A: While ActivePay allowed cardholders to code their expenses, it was not a complete expense management system. Visa Intellilink allows users to code their expenses and create their expense reports within the system. Expense reports can then be routed in Intellilink to the employee's supervisor for approval, through a built-in workflow. 

Q: How does my supervisor know when I've submitted an expense report?

A: Users with approval access will receive a notification by email when they have a pending expense report to approve. Additionally, when they log into Intellilink they will have indicators on their dashboard telling them they have expense reports that require their attention. 

Q: Does moving to Intellilink change when items need to be coded or when expense reports are due to Payroll and Travel? 

A:  No. The transition to Intellilink does not change the credit card month-end schedule or when expense reports are due. Expense reports are due to Payroll and Travel Services by the 15th of the following month. 

Q: How do I submit travel expenses through Visa Intellilink? 

A: CMU Business Cardholders will submit reimbursement requests, including mileage and per diem requests, through Intellilink as cash expenses. For mileage and/or per diem expenses please attach the CMU Intellilink Travel form in lieu of a receipt. 

Q: I coded my expenses and now they have disappeared. How do I update them? 

A: There are two screens that you can use to code expenses in Intellilink The first is the Expenses tab. The default filters on this tab show the items that are in a "to do" status. To view already coded items update the filters at the top of the screen to show status "pending approval". 

Another option for coding your transactions is to use the Transactions Search - Personal report under the Reports tab. This will allow you to run a report on your transactions or transactions you have delegate access to for a selected statement period. You can also code from this report by selecting radio buttons  next to the transactions. 

Training Dates and Times

If you are interested in learning more about Intellilink please sign up for one of the scheduled WebEx trainings: 

Friday, July 30th - 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Tuesday, August 10th - 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Thursday, August 26th - 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Thursday, September 9th - 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Please contact if you would like to register for one of these trainings. 

Training Manuals

CMU Intellilink Guide

Approver Quick Guide

Intellilink Demo - This is a recorded demo of how to use Intellilink. This demo goes over coding expenses, adding out of pocket reimbursement requests, creating expense reports, and approving expense reports. 

Additional Resources

CMU Delegate Authorization - Please use this webform to authorize a delegate on your Intellilink account.

Intellilink Travel Form - Please attach this form as back up when claiming mileage and per diem

Expense Payroll Deduction - Please attach this form as back up for transactions that will be payroll deducted, such as personal expenses.