Temporary Change to Documentation Submission Requirements - Employees Working Remotely


Update (6/26/2020)

July 2020 is the last month that Payroll and Travel Services will accept documents submitted electronically. Starting in August, we will require physical copies of Employee Reimbursement Vouchers/ CMU Business Credit Card Reconciliation Forms. Please send completed Employee Reimbursement Vouchers/ CMU Business Credit Card Reconciliation Forms to Payroll and Travel Services, Warriner Hall 205

The coronavirus outbreak is changing rapidly and we understand that it may be difficult for employees, who are temporarily working from home or remotely, to submit physical copies of their CMU Business Credit Card Reconciliation and Business Expense Reimbursement forms. For employees who are working remote, we will temporarily be accepting these documents electronically.

To submit the Employee Reimbursement Voucher or the CMU Business Card Reconciliation form electronically, all required documents will need to be scanned and submitted as one file to the Payroll and Travel Services Office at travel@cmich.edu. All itemized receipts and, if applicable, a completed Entertainment/Hosting Activities Supplemental Attachment should be included in the documentation. The employee will need to sign their completed form before emailing it, as an attachment, to their supervisor(s) for their approval.

In the event that the supervisor is not able to sign the document, Payroll and Travel Services will accept an email from the employee's supervisor approving their completed reimbursement/reconciliation form. This email needs to reference which reimbursement/reconciliation they are approving and confirm the reimbursement amount is correct (if applicable).

Example: I, John Smith, approve Joseph Brown's March 2020 credit card reconciliation and approve their reimbursement claim for $104.00.

The supervisor should send their approval, with the attached reconciliation documents, to travel@cmich.edu.

If you elect to submit your forms electronically during this time, we will not require that you submit a paper copy to our office. As a reminder, you should keep a copy of your original documents for your records. 

Shipping Supplies and Equipment to Home Address during the COVID-19 Event

All CMU office supplies and equipment should be shipped directly to CMU. Prior to ordering supplies, employees should first consult with their department to see if there are any staff members that can receive and disseminate items mailed to CMU. In the event staff does not have access to receive necessary supplies and equipment, while working remotely due to the COVID-19 event, an exception may be made for items to be shipped to the employee's home address. Employees should complete the exception form and attach it to their monthly credit card reconciliation. 

As a reminder, Office Depot is the primary preferred office supply vendor for CMU. Office Depot should still be used for ordering office supplies while working remotely.