Business Expenses During COVID-19 Event


PPE Purchases 

Departments needing to purchase supplies in response to COVID-19, including face coverings, hand sanitizer, and sneeze guards, must utilize University Stores to purchase these items. Prior to making a purchase, review ordering information found on the University Stores webpage PPE purchases made on CMU Business Credit Cards, without the appropriate approval, will be considered unapproved expenses. 

Events and Activities

For more information on policies and protocols related to life and work on campus, include meeting/event/activity guidance, please visit the Fired Up for Summer  website.

Domestic Travel Approval Process

Domestic travel is allowed provided the appropriate senior officer, either a VP, President's direct report or dean who serves as the direct report, reviews both the request and the COVID safety plan to determine if travel is essential and the precautions are appropriate.

Discretionary Spending

At the direction of President Davies, CMU departments have been asked to reduce their discretionary spending at this time. As a CMU Business Credit cardholder, please evaluate your purchases to ensure that they are necessary and needed business expenses. Any non-essential purchases should be discussed with your department to evaluate the necessity of the purchase at this time.