Cell Phone Allowance Policy

In some instances the use of a cell phone is essential to the ability of an employee to meet the demands of his/her job at the university. In such cases, the employee may request a phone from the appropriate cost center manager. Simple convenience is not a criterion for such expenses. Expenses may be authorized if at least one of the following criteria is met:

1. The job function of the employee (during normal working hours) requires considerable time outside of the assigned office or work area and it is important to the University that the employee is accessible during this time.

2. The job function of the employee requires them to be accessible outside of the scheduled or normal working hours (while at home, out of town, etc).

With appropriate business need and departmental approval, allowances for cell phone service will be added to the employee's pay, paid bi-weekly or semi-monthly based on their pay cycle. This allowance does not increase the employee's base salary and will not be included in the calculation of any University benefits. This allowance is subject to all applicable taxes. The original completed Cell Phone Allowance Agreement must be kept on file in the employee's department and a copy sent to Payroll and Travel Services, WA 204.

The policy can be viewed at: https://centrallink.cmich.edu/about/leadership/general_counsel/Documents/p04025.pdf

A Q & A page to help answer some of the questions can be viewed at: Cell Phone Policy Q and A

Contact Payroll and Travel Services at 774-3481 if you have any questions