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Financial Services and Reporting

The following grid has been created to help direct you to the proper individual for your CMU Business Credit Card, Reconciliation and Travel questions.

NOTE: If you are not sure where your question should be directed, feel free to contact any of the individuals listed below.

Questions pertaining to: Kyle Souder​ 
Sara Yonkey 
Chris Zalud 
CMU Business Credit Card
Credit Card Application X
Training R​egistration X
Credit Card Training X X
Decline X
Credit Limit Increase X
Address & Name    Changes X
Cancel Credit Card X
Dispute a Transaction X
Allowable Purchases X X
Credit Card Reconciliation
ActivePay X
Reset ActivePay Passwords X
ActivePay Training X
Allocating Transactions X
Reconciliation Form X X
Statement Period/Deadlines X X X
Travel Questions X X
Reimbursement Voucher X X
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