Accepting Payments with a Terminal on a Short-Term Temporary Basis

Fill out the  Merchant Site Request Form.

Departments wishing to accept credit card payments on a periodic basis or for a short period of time may rent a wireless card terminal that is available from the Treasury and Investment Department.  Please contact Caitlyn Kolhoff at 3797 or for more information concerning the terminal.

It is important that all individuals involved in accepting credit cards read and fully understand the CMU Merchant Sites Security Guidelines. The Merchant Services Operating Procedures Guide​​ ​must also be read. This guide provides information on how to handle refunds and exchanges, avoid chargeback fees and information on credit card acceptance and sales slips.

You are now ready to accept credit card payments using a credit card terminal.

Processing Information

Discount and Adjustment Fees

The University is charged a discount rate or fee on all credit card transactions by the Credit Card Processor. The amount of the fee is determined by the type of credit card, the number of transactions and the dollar value of the credit card sale. Each department is responsible for their own fees. Departments are required to provide Payroll & Travel Services a cost center to charge the fees on the request form.

Batch Settlement

You are responsible for closing the batch at the end of the day. Instructions are provided with the terminal.

Acquiring your Funds - Journal Entries

When processing credit card payments, you will provide the account (cost center, GL, IO) you want the sales deposited into.  Sales will be deposited into the account on a weekly basis.  The sales for transactions process Monday thru Friday will be deposited on the following Monday.  It is the departments responsibility to verify that the correct amount is deposited into the appropriate account.  


A chargeback is a reversal of a previous sale transaction resulting when a cardholder or card issuer disputes a charge posted to their account. In the event of a chargeback, it is the responsibility of the department to respond back to the chargeback by the date provided on the report sent to you. You are required to provide information regarding the sale and any other supporting documentation to substantiate the claim. You should retain a copy of all correspondence for your files. It is also the responsibility of the department to process a journal entry to the corresponding account if the chargeback is settled in the cardholder's favor.