Amplified Sound

The use of AMPLIFIED SOUND may be desirable or necessary in connection with certain activities or events on the campus. At the same time AMPLIFIED SOUND presents the potential for interference with University activities. Therefore, the use of AMPLIFIED SOUND is governed by these policies.
  1. A Person or group wishing to use AMPLIFIED SOUND is required to register with the Assistant Vice President For Student Affairs, or the Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs designee, a minimum of two business days in advance of the proposed date of the event. The Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs or designee shall make a determination as to the appropriate time and place for the use of the AMPLIFIED SOUND. To register, that person or representative of the group must provide his/her name or group's name, address, phone number, type of AMPLIFIED SOUND proposed to be used and the approximate time and location of the proposed use of the AMPLIFIED SOUND.

  2. The factors used in determining the appropriate time and place of the use of AMPLIFIED SOUND are as follows:

    1. AMPLIFIED SOUND is allowed between Park Library and the Central Park pond area and in the Warriner Mall area between the flagpole (north of Warriner Hall) and the south ends of Grawn and Smith Halls on non-class days and from 12:00 noon to 2:00 p.m. on class days. The Dean of Students, or the Dean's designee, may establish a decibel level which may not be exceeded by the AMPLIFIED SOUND.

    2. In addition, the use of AMPLIFIED SOUND elsewhere on campus will be permitted if its use will not disrupt University activities, including, but not limited to, classes and other academic or administrative activities. The Dean of Students, or the Dean's designee, may establish conditions as to time, place and manner of the use of the AMPLIFIED SOUND, including a decibel level for the AMPLIFIED SOUND which may not be exceeded.


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