Miscellaneous Mail Info

Six or more letters with a meter slip per cost center qualifies for metering by the Central Mailroom. If there are less than six letters, please affix a stamp to each item.
Separate USPS mail by:
  • stamped mail—(to include business reply mail) w/ flaps sealed
  • mail to be metered—flaps extended if not sealed, address side up and separated by country, business sized envelopes only.
  • Be sure to separate all Campus mail from any outgoing USPS mail.
  • Seal all brown Kraft envelopes and stack them address side up.
  • Use an envelope in all outgoing USPS mail since the mail machine will mutilate folded sheets of paper.
  • Use a padded envelope when mailing bulky items (e.g. label pins, hardware parts, etc.) as these items could get stuck and damage mailing equipment.
  • Do not use red envelopes or envelopes which are a shade of red as the imprint, because the postage meter is red.
  • Provide a return address with the department name on all outgoing USPS mail. This assists in identifying mail which is returned to the University.


When relocating on-campus, contact the Central Mailroom to provide the new address. When relocating off- campus, let your department know the new address. Your department will then forward your appropriate mail.
Campus Mailings   
To insure quicker delivery of large campus mailings (50 or more pieces), must be bundled  by  department and building.
Delivery Time
Campus mail and incoming USPS mail take an average of one day to reach its destination when it is received by the Central Mailroom. Delivery times can be shorter/longer by one day (i.e. same day vs. 2 days) depending on your delivery location and thus, delivery time.
Campus Mail Tip
To insure that your campus mail reaches it’s destination expeditiously, include the first and last name of the person it is being sent to. Also, be sure to keep campus mail separated from outgoing USPS mail to be metered.