Independent Contractor

​​​​​​​​​​​​Independent contractor services require a signed contract/agreement to be in place prior to the services commencing. Prior to hiring an individual (sole proprietor/DBA) to perform a service, departments must complete and submit the Independent Contractor Questionnaire. If the individual is determined to be an independent contractor and not an employee, departments shall complete one of the IC form contracts and have it signed by the IC.  If the services will be performed by a Corporation, partnership or LLC, departments shall work with Contracting and Purchasing Services to develop a contract or issue a purchase order. If the department is aware that they are hiring a DBA, corporation, or LLC of a CMU employee you must check the Conflict of Intere​st Report​ to verify a disclosure statement is on file. Note: in all cases, the contract must be signed by a CMU employee with appropriate contracting authority. ​ Independent Contractor Policy FAQ Independent Contractor Pmt Ref​erence Chart Contracting Authority Contract Review Process​​​​