Purchase Orders

Whom do I contact if I don't want a Purchase Order invoice to be paid?
Contact Tammy Campbell at 7371. Tammy is the Payables clerk that handles all purchase order payments and credits. Tammy will contact the purchasing buyer regarding your request and, if there are any questions or problems with the request, Tammy or the buyer would contact you.
What do I do if I receive a PO invoice or credit memo at my department?
You should send the original invoice or credit memo to Payable Accounting, 302 Warriner, for processing. Please do not send a copy of the invoice or credit memo, as this will delay processing.
Whom do I call to make changes to my purchase order, to cancel/close my purchase order, or to add funds to my blanket purchase order?
Contact the purchasing buyer listed on the purchase order via e-mail with your request.
If a purchase order invoice was charged to the incorrect department cost center or General Ledger (G/L) account, how do I get it changed?
The account information set up on the PO was based on information provided on the purchase requisition submitted by the department. Therefore, the department is responsible for processing their own journal entry request to move the entries to the desired cost center and/or GL account. If you need instructions on how to process a journal entry request, visit Accounting S​er​vices.
How do I look at my department's purchase order in SAP?
To access your PO on-line, use SAP menu path: Logistics > Materials Management > Purchasing > Purchase Order > List Display (or use Transaction Code ME2N). Key your PO number in the “Purchasing document” field and click on execute icon. You can access information by double clicking on either the PO number or the individual line item numbers. If you want to know if there were changes to the PO, single click on the PO number or a specific line item number (to select) then click on the “Changes” icon at the top of the screen. You can access receiving and/or payment information by single clicking on a line item number (to select) then click on the “PO History” icon at the top of the screen. You can drill down on both the GR and the IR document numbers to get additional information.
We made a prepayment for materials bought via a purchase order. If the vendor has been paid, why hasn't our cost center been charged?
Purchase orders for merchandise are set up with the Goods Receipt (GR) indicator checked/activated; because the merchandise is suppose to be delivered to Central Receiving. When the GR is checked on the PO, the department’s cost center is charged when Central Receiving receives the goods and the on-line receiving is done against the PO – NOT when the invoice is processed by Payable Accounting. When Payables processes a prepayment on a PO, the vendor gets paid and the GR/IR account (201300) is temporarily charged until the goods are received. When the goods are received, and the on-line receiving is done, then the department’s cost center will be charged and the GR/IR account will be credited. If the goods are delivered directly to the department, then the cost center will not be charged until the on-line Direct Delivery Form has been submitted to – and is processed by – Central Receiving.
NOTE: Anytime goods purchased on a PO are delivered directly to the department rather than through Central Receiving, the department must complete the on-line direct delivery form which is available on the Contracting and Purchasing Services' website, under Forms/Searches.
We returned merchandise on a purchase order, why hasn't our cost center been credited for the returns yet?
When POs are set up with the goods receipt (GR) indicator checked, the department’s cost center is affected by what is done by Central Receiving. This means that when merchandise on a PO is returned to the vendor, it must alsobe processed on-line, against the PO, for the department to be credited for the return. Contracting and Purchasing Services’ should be contacted anytime it is necessary to return (or exchange) merchandise purchased on a PO/BPO. When possible, work with the buyer who created the PO. Anytime a return or exchange takes place, a credit memo or refund should be issued by the vendor. Central Receiving should receive a copy of the Merchandise Return Memos to ensure department cost center gets credited for return. Payable Accounting should also get a copy of the memos to ensure proper handling of the credit memo or refund check. The Return Merchandise Procedure (and forms) is available on Purchasing Services' website.