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If you have questions regarding this information, please call us at (989) 774-3141.

Q. Can I buy my office computer through an electronics store?
A. No, these machines are set up for home use and often have multiple "home type" software packages which deplete the amount of hard drive space available for business applications, and adding Ethernet cards can be problematic. Also, their "life" is based on home usage hours rather than business hours.  All computer purchases must be made using a purchase requisition.  

Q. Can I buy a Personal Computer?
A. Yes, the University currently has personal purchasing agreements with Apple Computer, Lenovo/CDW.

Q. Is it safe to purchase 3rd party memory for my PC?
A. Yes, if you stay with a reputable manufacturer it is often less expensive than buying from the computer manufacturer. One thing you have to factor in is the installation cost. We currently use CDWG, B&H, Amazon, and MicroWise to purchase memory. Network Servers are an exception to this. For best results, manufacturer memory modules should be purchased.

Q. Can I contact CMU vendors for personal purchases?
A. Yes, just be sure to indicate that you are making a personal purchase rather than a University purchase.

Q. My computer just died!!! Can you help me?
A. If your system is currently under warranty, you can contact the manufacturer’s technical support department or use CMU's technical support which is certified to provide warranty service for Lenovo, Apple, Hewlett Packard and Dell​ products.

If you choose to use the manufacturer's technical support, once they have diagnosed your problem, they will ship the appropriate parts or replacement unit. Be sure to request on-site installation of parts if your system is still within the one year on-site warranty. *CMU's technical support can also install the appropriate replacement parts once you have received them.

CMU's Technical Support: (989) 774-3662
Dell Computer Tech Support: (800) 284-1200 Acct.#32597
Apple Computer - Entre: (989) 773-3146 or Apple SOS

If the system does not have on-site service and is out of Warranty, you can also contact Entre’s Computer Center at (989) 773-3146 to schedule either on-site or depot service.

*For any questions that have not been answered here, please contact Jennifer Bronz at (989) 774-3141.