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What restrictions should I be aware of regarding the use of equipment?

1.     Equipment may not be used in programs/activities not currently or previously supported by Federal Funds.
2.     Equipment may not be used to provide services for a fee to compete unfairly with a private company providing an equivalent service.
3.     Most sponsors disallow the purchase of the following general-purpose items without prior sponsor approval: cameras, stereos, audio-visual equipment, televisions, VCRs, DVDs, printers, computers (including notebooks and iPads), electronics, and digital media equipment. Costs incurred for these supplies/equipment without prior consultation with ORGS and necessary sponsor approval might result in the charges being transferred off the grant account and charged to the PIs department or college.
What are the equipment inventory requirements?
  1. A physical inventory of equipment (equal to or greater than $1,000) is required every two years.
What are the disposal requirements?
  1. University guidelines require that the sale or donation of equipment be handled by the Purchasing Department.
  2. Equipment with less than $5,000 per unit fair market value (FMV) requires no reporting to the federal agency.
  3. Equipment with a FMV greater than $5,000, entitles the federal agency a share of the sale proceeds.
  4. Replacement equipment costs may be offset by a trade-in or sale of the original equipment.‚Äč