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Do items identified by brand name as part of the grant proposal, require competitive purchasing?
Yes, open and competitive purchasing is still required.

When is competitive purchasing not required?
When an item is only available from one source, or the "awarding agency" authorizes in writing, a non-competitive purchase.

May I give special preference to a local or state source?
Not unless the grant specifically provides for a preference.

What do full and open competition mean?
During the solicitation period, all qualified sources have the right to participate and present you with a proposal quotation. Submission timelines though, do not require changing to accommodate a late request to participate.

Are there special requirements for items bought with grant funds?
Any item unit cost over $5,000 requires notification to the relevant chair, dean and ORSP. When using the on-line purchase requisition form, use the approved by email fields at the bottom of the form to send an email copy of the purchase to your relevant chair and dean. ORSP is automatically emailed when submitting the form.

Further information related to federal laws and regulations related to purchasing can be found on the OMB website.

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