Handling Returns or Incorrect Shipments





To return items to Office Depot, please do the following :

  • All items being returned must be placed in a box and sealed.
  • Sign onto your Office Depot web account, click on 'Order Tracking' and select the order number containing the merchandise that you wish to return.  Follow the instructions on-line to place a live return.Click the "Submit Return" icon. You may either print the return information from the website and tape it to the outside of the box, or place a copy of the original packing list on the outside of the box, referencing the return number on the packing list. UPS will pick up the return from you.
    An alternative to placing the return on-line would be to call Customer Service at: (888) 263-3423, select 2 from the menu.  If the merchandise is over 30 days old, they will have to get approval from your Office Depot Account manager to return the merchandise.