Locations for Commercial Sales Activity

Individuals with permits may conduct commercial sales and solicitations ONLY in the following locations:

  1. Bovee University Center
    1. A permit entitles the holder to conduct commercial sales and solicitations at reserved tables located in the lower lobby of the University Center, subject to the same rules governing hand billing at that location and established by the Building Coordinator.

    2. A permit entitles the holder to rent a room in the University Center for the purpose of conducting a demonstration and sale of items or services. Room rental is subject to the charges and regulations established by the University Center Building Coordinator.
  3. Academic & Administration Buildings ( See Exceptions (2 - 5) under Permit for Commercial Sales )
    1. No commercial sales or solicitations may be conducted in Park Library, academic and administration buildings to include Finch, Rose Arena, SAC.

    2. No one may sell or conduct commercial sales or solicitations office-to-office or Desk-to-desk among University employees.
  5. Public Events ( See Exceptions (2 - 5) under Permit for Commercial Sales )
    1. No commercial sales or solicitations may be conducted within an auditorium, meeting room or gymnasium or in the lobby area or hallways adjacent to the auditorium, meeting room, or gymnasium during a scheduled public event occurring in that location or during the times that audiences are arriving at or leaving the event.

    2. Commercial sales or solicitations are prohibited in the parking lot or outside the gates of Kelly/Shorts Stadium, Rose Arena, or alumni field. 
  6. Outside on the University Campus

    The University may schedule special all-campus events during which fund-raising and commercial sales or solicitations may be conducted outdoors on the campus (e.g. Gentle Friday, Earth Day, CMU and You Day). For these special events, the Vice President for Business and Finance and/or their designee will designate locations where fund-raising, sales and solicitations may occur. No other outdoor fund-raising, sales and solicitations are permitted.
  8. Residence Halls and University Apartments
    1. Time, Place, and Manner

      Each Residence Hall Council shall establish conditions for time, place, and manner of commercial sales and solicitations in their residence hall. The policy will be posted in a conspicuous place near the main entrance to each building. All persons holding permits must abide by the time, place, and manner policy for each residence hall.

    2. Door-to-Door Sales

      No door-to-door commercial sales or solicitations are allowed in residence halls.

    3. Sales and Demonstrations in Rooms

      Students may invite permit-holders to demonstrate and sell to the student and her/his invited guests in their rooms. Such sales are limited to $300 per sale per student.

    4. Sales and Solicitations in Dining Areas

      No commercial sales or solicitations may be conducted in residence hall dining areas.

    5. Vendor or Sales Agent

      No resident or student group may act as a vendor or sales agent, or in any manner set up a business enterprise, in any University residence hall or apartment.

    6. Public Areas Sales Demonstration

      A permit holder may schedule a demonstration meeting in a public area of the residence hall by invitation of a resident or staff member. At the demonstration meeting, items may be shown and demonstrated; however, no sales may be made. The sales person may then be personally invited by an individual student to her/his residence hall room, where a sale can be made.


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