Fund-Raising on Campus by Registered Student Organizations

Registered Student Organizations may conduct fund-raising projects or campaigns in designated locations on the campus under the following guidelines:
  1. Approval for the project or campaign must be granted ten working days in advance of the project by the Dean of Students or her/his designee. Application for such approval must be made at the Office of Student Life. Criteria for approval are as follows:

    * A Registered Student Organization is a student organization which has completed the registration process for student organizations which is set forth in the Registered Student Organization Operational Guide (RSO Guide), published by the Office of Student Life.

    1. No portion of the proceeds of the project or campaign will be for the private gain of any individual or company.

    2. The proceeds will be used for recognized purposes of the organization.

    3. The organization certifies that it will comply with applicable provisions of State and Federal law in the conduct of the activity, including any applicable State or Federal campaign finance laws.

  2. Procedures
    1. Requests by Registered Student Organizations for a permit to conduct fund-raising projects are made by using the Student Organization: Petition for Fund-Raising form, which is available in the Office of Student Life. Such requests must be approved by the Dean of Students or her/his designee.

      A Registered Student Organization that plans to fund-raise on campus must submit its completed application for a permit to the Office of Student Life at least ten University working days in advance of the event. This application must state the beginning and ending dates of the event. Approval or denial of the request will be given within five University working days following the date of the request. Notice will be considered given when written notification has been mailed to the organization's address on file. Fund-Raising activities can not take place without first having been approved and when applicable, the appropriate insurance coverage has been obtained.

      Before Registered Student Organizations begin fund-raising in University facilities, the Building Coordinator for each building in which fund-raising will occur must be contacted. (See RSO Guide. A list is also available in the CMU directory.) The Building Coordinator will advise the organization of locations where tables or booths may be set up, how to obtain tables, noise limits, and safety requirements. Space will be allotted on a "first come, first served" basis.

      Registered student organizations sponsoring an event at which an admission fee will be charged (e.g., movies, dances, parties) must first submit a fund-raising application to the Office of Student Life in accordance with these regulations.

    2. When fund-raising takes place in the residence halls, Registered Student Organizations must ALSO submit a form entitled Application for Sales and Solicitations, and Fund-Raising in Residence Halls, which is available in the Residence Life Office. This request must be approved by the Associate Director of Residence Life.

      A Registered Student Organization that plans to fund raise in the residence halls must submit its completed application for a permit to the Residence Life Office at least five working days prior to the start of the activity. This application is submitted AFTER gaining approval from the Office of Student Life. Accordingly, organizations undertaking fund-raising projects, which will occur in residence halls should begin the permit process at least fifteen University working days before the project is scheduled.

      NOTE: Permission for fund-raising by a residence hall organization within ONLY its own residence hall and for only its own residents may be obtained from the Associate Director of Residence Life without obtaining approval from the Office of Student Life.

    3. Within ten days after conclusion of the fund-raising project or event, the treasurer of the organization shall file a brief statement with the Office of Student Life, setting forth the amount of money received, the amount spent on the campaign or project, the net proceeds to the organization, and the purposes to which the proceeds were given. The purpose of such a statement is to allow supporters of fund-raising projects to learn how much money was raised and where it was spent. This report will be available for public inspection during University working hours.

    4. Suggestions: Groups should be careful to avoid competition with other organizations having fund-raising activities at the same time.

      Publicity for the fund-raising project should clearly state the name of the sponsoring organization and how the proceeds will be used. Derived income should be deposited with organizational funds for use in furthering the program of the organization or funds raised for a charity should be promptly transferred to that charity.
  3. Locations for Fund-Raising
    Fund-Raising may be conducted only in the following locations:
    1. Bovee University Center

      Registered Student Organizations may conduct fund-raising activities at reserved tables located in the lower lobby of the University Center, subject to the same rules governing hand billing at that location.

      Organizations using a room in the University Center for an event at which an admission fee will be charged must pay a rental fee and comply with other regulations issued by the University Center.

    2. Academic and Administration Buildings

      Registered Student Organizations must arrange with University Events for use of space and classrooms inside academic and administration buildings (e.g. to set up tables or booths, Etc.) for conducting fund-raising activities. In addition, the Building Coordinator must approve the fund-raising locations in Rose, S.A.C., and academic building lobbies and hallways. Fund-Raising is not permitted in Warriner Hall or the Park Library.

      No one may conduct fund-raising activities office-to-office or desk-to-desk among University employees.

    3. Public Events

      No one may conduct fund-raising activities within an auditorium, meeting room or gymnasium, or in the lobby area or hallways adjacent to an auditorium, meeting room or gymnasium during the times that audiences are arriving at or leaving the event except as provided in the contract with the performing artist/speaker.

      Registered Student Organizations with the prior notification to the Building Coordinator may conduct fund-raising outside the gates of Kelly/Shorts stadium and Alumni Field prior to, during, or after athletic events, except that they may not sell items which are sold inside the Stadium or items which create health or safety problems.

    4. Outside on the University Campus

      Under normal circumstances outdoor fund-raising is not allowed. However, the University may give special permission and/or schedule special all-campus events (e.g., Gentle Friday, Earth Day, CMU and You Day) during which only Registered Student Organizations may conduct fund-raising activities outdoors on the campus. For these special permissions and events, the Dean of Students or her/his designee will designate locations where Registered Student Organization fund-raising may occur. No other outdoor fund-raising is permitted.

    5. Residence Halls

      Each Residence Hall Council shall establish conditions for time, place, and manner of fund-raising in their residence hall. The policy will be posted in a conspicuous place near the main entrance to the building. All persons holding permits must abide by the time, place, and manner policy for each residence hall. Students may post notice on their doors requesting that no sales, solicitations, or fund-raising be conducted in that room. Residence halls which restrict a person of a particular sex from certain areas may restrict fund-raising agents of the restricted sex from those areas.

      NOTE: No fund-raising may be conducted in residence hall dining areas.

  4. Other Fund-Raising Activities
    1. Contests, Talent shows and Pageants

      Talent shows, pageants, or contests conducted on campus must retain all records concerning the event for 90 days. In case a decision is questioned, all documents must then be submitted to the Office of Student Life. Prizes must be purchased before other expenses for the project may be incurred.

    2. Raffles, Lotteries, and Other Games of Chance

      Registered Student Organizations, with the exception of Student Government Association and the Residence Hall Assembly, may apply for raffles or lotteries as fund-raising projects after they have secured a proper license in their own name from the Michigan Bureau of State Lottery in Lansing. They must present to the Assistant Director of Student Life proper authorization showing that they meet the qualifications for conducting the event and the University will neither encourage nor discourage their attempts to meet the requirements for holding raffles or lotteries.
      A list of the required qualifications are available in the Office of Student Life.

      Central Michigan University will support the Student Government Association and Residence Hall Assembly if they apply for permission to conduct a raffle or lottery under their auspices with net proceeds to be devoted exclusively to the lawful purposes of the qualified organization.

    3. Registered Student Organizations may make agreements after obtaining approval from Student Life and Risk Management offices with commercial sales persons or organizations to publicize a commercial product or service, to sponsor sales by the commercial organization, or to organize or conduct sales or solicitations activities for or in conjunction with the commercial organization. Typically, the Registered Student Organization is paid a fee or commission for the sales made or the services it provides, and the goods or services sold are transferred directly from the commercial organization to the purchaser. Activities by Registered Student Organizations, pursuant to these kinds of agreements are considered Commercial Sales or Solicitations, and are governed by the policies and procedures for that kind of activity.


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