Donated Equipment

​Equipment or Assets Donated to the University
Departments receiving donated (gift) equipment must contact Development & Alumni Relations (989) 774-3312 and the Fixed Assets Department (989) 774-6784 to report that a donation has been received. This communication e​nsures that all required asset reporting standards are followed. CMU applies its normal asset management policies to both donated equipment and to newly purchased equipment.

Donating University Equipment or Assets 
Departments that are interested in donating university equipment to non-university parties shall submit a memorandum identifying the items and stating the purpose of the donation and rationale for selecting the recipient to the Director of Contracting & Purchasing Services (C&PS). The Director of C&PS will determine with the appropriate Senior Officer (Provost or Vice President) whether the donation should proceed. If approved, the Director of C&PS will then arrange with the Manager of University Stores for the appropriate disposition and the removal of the equipment from the Department’s asset inventory records. If not approved, the Director of C&PS will notify the requesting department of the reason.