Transferring/Loaning Equipment

​​​Transferring Equipment
University departments transferring ownership of tagged equipment from their cost center to another should notify Fixed Assets using one of the following three methods: email, the Assets Moved Form or the Movi​ng Req​uest Form. This notification must include the current cost center or owner, the new cost center or owner, description of the item(s), tag number(s) and the new building and room number where the equipment will be located. Fixed Assets will use this information to quickly and accurately update the university equipment inventory system.
Loaning Equipment
University departments loaning tagged equipment to another department should use a written Borrower's Agreement that details the terms of the loan. The Borrower's Agreement should include the following information: Date of the agreement, owner of the equipment and appropriate contact information, borrower of the equipment and appropriate contact information, length of the loan, a detailed description of the loaned item(s), and specifications on any costs associated with the loan. This agreement should clearly indicate the responsibilities of both parties and the liabilities (theft, loss, damage, or items returned in unacceptable condition) that may exist. To submit the Borrower's Agreement online, just go to Contracting Purchasing Forms and click on Borrower's Agreement listed on the page.  Loaning equipment to third parties is not permitted under state statute.
Contact Fixed Assets at (989) 774-3917 or should you have questions concerning the transfer or loan of CMU owned equipment.