Sections VIII, IX and X

VIII. Development Activities

  1. Federal tax laws prohibit the University from providing charitable gift receipts for monies given to the University to benefit any specific individual. Hence, individual faculty/staff or members of their Family/Household will not receive charitable gift receipts if they give funds to the University to benefit themselves or Family/Household directly.

  2. Similarly, account directors should not provide faculty/ staff with monies for personal use that are proportional to the gifts that such individuals have donated to the University. If account directors are approached by potential donors who suggest that their gift is contingent on explicit or implicit agreements about services to be provided them by the University, the account directors should contact their vice presidents before entering into any such agreement. Only the vice presidents are authorized to accept gifts to the University "with strings attached."

IX. Conflict of Commitment

  1. Neither work outside the University nor work for different units within the University is prohibited, but it must not constitute a conflict of commitment. Conflicts of commitment are situations in which a University faculty/staff's supplemental or additional activities, often valuable in themselves, and even when they result in no personal gain or improper advantage to others, nevertheless interfere improperly with the faculty/staff's obligations to the University. Conflict of commitment may also arise when faculty/staff accept more than the equivalent of one full-time appointment. In these situations, the faculty/staff is required to disclose this to their respective supervisor. This language shall not be interpreted in a way, which is inconsistent with any collective bargaining agreement or employee policy on the subject.

X. Royalties

  1. The university's Intellectual Property Rights Policy provides specific information regarding the distribution of royalties for intellectual property owned by the University. The policy also provides information related to royalties if the ownership of intellectual property is retained by the creator. Please refer to this policy for specific details. The policy is available by contacting the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs at 774-6777 or at the web site address,