Chemical Safety

Annual Chemical Inventory and Laboratory Cleanout
The CMU Lab Safety Committee in cooperation with Risk Management/Environmental Health & Safety is holding its annual chemical inventory and laboratory cleanout period August 24-September 4, 2015, to focus on chemical inventory reduction and management.  A chemical inventory for each lab is critical and required in meeting government reporting and compliance requirements, as well as being useful and helpful for the faculty and staff.  Click HERE for more information.

Chemical Hygiene Plan 
Details the University's written plan to meet the requirements of the OSHA standard for work in labs.

     Appendix I - Laboratory Safety Training Record
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     Appendix T - Lab Door Signs

Michigan OSHA requirements for handling hazardous chemicals in a laboratory.

MIOSHA Part 431 Hazardous Work in Laboratories


Other Chemical Resources                                                                                                                                             ACToR (Aggregated Computational Toxicology Resource) is a collection of databases collated or developed by the US EPA National Center for Computational Toxicology (NCCT). More than 200 sources of publicly available data on environmental chemicals have been brought together and made searchable by chemical name and other identifiers, and by chemical structure. Data includes chemical structure, physico-chemical values, in vitro assay data and in vivo toxicology data. Chemicals include, but are not limited to, high and medium production volume industrial chemicals, pesticides (active and inert ingredients), and potential ground and drinking water contaminants. ​​

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