Online Trainings


  1. Go to  and sign in with your CMU global ID/password. 
  2. On this landing page, under Learning History, click "View All".
  3. If your training history looks accurate, and if you are up to date on all of your trainings based on the training frequencies noted in the table below, you are all set.
  4. If you are not up to date on all of your trainings, then from your dashboard landing page, under Find Learning, click "Browse all courses".  You can click on any of the courses, self-assign, and then proceed with training.
If you should have any questions during the training course, please contact our office at (989) 774-7398 or at

List of Online Trainings in SuccessFactors:

Bloodborne Pathogens

Fleet Safety Training

Hazard Communication/Global Harmonized System

Respiratory Protection Training

Shop Safety

Blood borne Pathogens Training

For the Blood borne Pathogens Safety Training complete the online Blood borne Pathogens Training in SAP SuccessFactors. 

Image of the Bloodborne Pathogens Training

Fire Exit Training​​

Senate Bill 1142 – Fire Exit Training

​Pursuant to the State of Michigan Senate Bill 1142 all instructional staff must be trained in fire drill procedures.  In addition, the University has to report to the State Fire Marshal that all instructional staff has been trained annually.  The following three minute video will accomplish the mandated training requirement.  If you have any questions please contact Environmental Health & Safety at 774-7398. ​

​​​Transcript for Fire Exit Safety Training.

Fire Extinguisher/Fire Safety Training    


​​Transcript for Fire Extinguisher/Fire Safety Training.

Fleet Safety Training
For the Fleet Safety Training complete the online Fleet Safety Training in SAP SuccessFactors.

Image of the Michigan License Plate for the Fleet Safety Training

Hazard Communication/Global Harmonized System

For the Hazard Communication/Global Harmonized System Training complete the online Hazard Communication/Global Harmonized System in SAP SuccessFactors. 

Image for CMU Hazard Communication GHS Online Presentation

Michigan Class C Underground Storage Tank System Operator Training
When you have completed reviewing this training please fill out the Michigan Class C Underground Storage Tank System Operator Training Certification Form, and mail to Environmental Health & Safety, Motor Pool 1303A West Campus Drive. 

Respiratory Protection Training

For first time and annual refresher, complete the on-line Respiratory Protection Training in SAP SuccessFactors.

Laboratory/Animal Workers:  Please contact Tracee Wilson at (989) 774-1152 or Kevin Russell at (989) 774-3215 to schedule your fit testing.

All Others: Please contact Environmental Health & Safety at (989) 774-7398 to schedule your training and fit testing.

Image for Refresher Training for Respiratory Protection Training

Severe Weather Training

 Transcript for Severe Weather Training.
If you will be responsible for signing Stericycle Biohazardous Waste Manifests please contact Tom Schultz, Biology Department, at (989) 774-3279 or, to sign up for this training.

If you have questions or need further information please contact the Risk Management, Environmental Health & Safety Office at (989) 774-7398 or ​