Certificate of Insurance Requests for Lease Agreements

Periodically, a Landlord/Management Firm will request CMU provide proof of insurance as part of the lease agreement.

Risk Management will prepare a certificate of insurance document upon completion of the following:
  1. Confirmation that a lease agreement has been approved and on file in the appropriate University office.
  2. Receipt of the following information from the CMU department requesting the certificate of insurance:

    1. Landlord/Management Firm Name
    2. Landlord/Management Firm Contact Person
    3. Landlord/ Management Firm Address
    4. Brief Description of Lease agreement including mailing address of leased property
    5. Date and/or Time Period of Lease
    6. Insurance Type and Limits Required by the Landlord/Management firm (This should be provided in the Lease Agreement)

  3. Please e-mail information to risk@cmich.edu for handling.
  4. Please allow a minimum of 7 business days for completion of your certificate of insurance request.
  5. Certificate of Insurance will be provided to requestor for distribution.