Certificate of Insurance Requests

Student Internships / Clinical Rotations

Periodically, an off campus site will request a student provide proof of insurance before authorizing a CMU student to fulfill an internship/clinical rotation requirement at that site.

Risk Management will prepare a certificate of insurance document upon completion of the following:

  1. Confirmation that an Affiliation Agreement has been approved and is on file in Licensure, Regulatory Services & Human Capital. Contact Person: Affiliation Agreement Coordinator.
  2. Receipt of the following information from the CMU Faculty member supervising the approved internship/clinical rotation:

    1. Student Name
    2. Class Name and Number
    3. Internship/Clinical Rotation Type
    4. Time Period of the Internship/Clinical Rotation
    5. Clinical Site Name
    6. Clinical Site Contact Person
    7. Clinical Site Address
    8. Insurance Type and Limits Required by the Clinical Site (this should be provided in the Approved & Signed Affiliation Agreement)

  3. Please e-mail information to risk@cmich.edu for handling.
  4. Please allow a minimum of 7 business days for completion of your Certificate of Insurance request.
  5. Certificates of Insurance will be provided to requestor for distribution.