Enterprise CarShare

About Enterprise CarShare

Enterprise CarShare is an exclusive car sharing service from Enterprise Rent-A-Car that is a refreshing alternative to car ownership, so you can have the freedom and flexibility of a vehicle, without the hassle and expense of owning one.

Enterprise CarShare vehicles are​ conveniently parked and available 24/7 -  one near the University Library and one near Kulhavi Hall - So leave your car at home and make it one less thing to bring with you to school.

​How It Works

Visit www.enterprisecarshare.com/cmich to enroll for your membership. 

Membership includes: fuel, dedicated parking spot, maintenance, physical damage/liability coverage for members 18 and over with a valid driver's license.

Enterprise CarShare is a totally automated rental process where, once you're a member, all you need to rent an Enterprise CarShare vehicle is access to the internet.

Once a member, go to EnterpriseCarShare.com which is mobile-friendly.

Log in, and reserve th​e vehicle you want for the time you need.

Use your Enterprise CarShare membership smart card to access the vehicle. The keys are in the glove box and you're on your way! Return the vehicle to the same area you picked it up from and put the keys back in the glove box.  Use your membership smart card to lock the doors. Your rental has ended.


Rates as low as $7.50 per hour are available.  You can also rent by the day, overnight, or even on the weekends.