Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act


The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) protects the privacy of individual students by placing certain restrictions on the disclosure of information contained in University records. In order for the Student Account Services and University Billing Office to release information to any third party (including parents), a student must first grant permission. 

Through CentralLink, you may now set up an Authorization to Release Information Passcode. This passcode will allow our office to speak with other individuals, such as parents, about your student account. Once you have set up a passcode, you may give it to any individual that you would like to have permission to speak with members of our staff. When that person calls our office, he/she may simply provide us with your campus ID number and passcode. With that information, we may discuss in detail financial matters pertaining to your student account.


To set a passcode:

  • Log in to CentralLink at
  • Click the "My Account" link in the upper right portion of the page
  • Click on "Setting/Changing Authorization to Release Information Passcode"


We recommend that any student who would like to grant permission to a parent or  other individual to speak with us regarding their student account complete this passcode set up. If you have already set up an individual as an authorized payer in the QuikPAY system, these permissions will stay in place; however, the passcode will be another useful tool for communicating with our office.

For additional information regarding the Family Educational and Privacy Act, please visit the Registrar's Office Website.