Perkins Loan Information Contact Information

Central Michigan University has contracted with University Accounting Service to provide billings for Perkins Loans.  The Perkins Loan Department in the Student Account Services and University Billing Office is solely responsible for the collection of existing Perkins Loans.  It is important to note that this department does not distribute Perkins Loans funds nor does it accept application for those funds.  All Perkins Loan funds are distributed through the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid.  

Forms Available On-line

University Accounting Service has many forms available for download.  To ensure prompt attention to these documents, please complete and send them directly to:

Central Michigan University
Loan Accounting
WA 105
Mt. Pleasant, MI 48859

Forms Page  - includes all applicable forms on the UAS website including:

  • Deferment Request - includes in-school, military service, internship/residency 
  • Financial Arrangement - includes financial hardship, unemployment, forbearance
  • Cancellation - qualified medical, teaching, peace corps


Exit Counseling

Students will be mailed exit counseling information prior to their graduation or separation from CMU.  To learn about rights and responsibilities regarding Perkins Loans, download the UAService's document.  The students must complete the Exit Interview Questionnaire as well as return the completed forms which were mailed to the address provided above.  Failure to return the information and to complete exit counseling will result in a hold placed on the student's account.


Contact Information

If you have further questions regarding your Perkins Loan, you may contact Deb Caszatt at (989) 774-3130 or by email at ​