Third Party Billing

Third-party billing assists students who attend Central Michigan University and receive aid from:

  • public/private sector
  • military agencies
  • educational institutions
  • international embassies
  • prepaid tuition plans

Our office prepares and sends invoices to the third party agencies that require an invoice for payment of the aid. 

Student Responsibility 

Students sponsored by a third-party agency have certain responsibilities to fulfill in order to have the third-party aid applied to their student account. The student:

  • must provide a valid authorization from their agency prior to the tuition due date
  • is responsible for paying any balance not covered by the third-party organization
  • is responsible for renewing their authorization when needed

Authorization to Bill Requirements

In order for a third-party agency to sponsor a student, they must provide the university with authorization to bill them for a student's charges. 

The authorization is a document in which the third-party agency commits to pay designated education expenses for the student and allows the university to submit the student's financial billing to the agency by invoice.  The authorization should include:

  • the student's name and ID number
  • the semester or dates being covered
  • specific charges covered like tuition, fees, books, housing, meal plan, parking permit, etc.
  • any minimum/maximum amount or a flat dollar rate per credit hour
  • the name of the agency and contact information
  • a signature and date from an authorized official
  • high school dual enrolled students also need to have the approved courses listed

Posting Third-Party Aid to Accounts

Upon receipt of a valid authorization, a credit will be placed on the student's account in the amount of the pending payment.  If a balance remains, the student should pay immediately to avoid account holds.

​The credit is not an actual payment from the agency.  It will be placed on the student account so that the student does not get late fees while we wait for the agency to pay.

A detailed invoice will be sent to the third party after the add/drop period ends. 

Payment is due from the third party agency within 30 days upon receipt of the invoice. 

Important to note:  

If payment is not received from the third party, the credit will be reversed from the student's account and the student will be responsible for payment. The student will be notified by email if the credit is reversed from the student account after the add/drop period. Students may also receive late fees and a financial hold which would prohibit enrollment activity, obtaining transcripts, diplomas, or certificates of degree. 

Authorizations to Bill

Send authorizations to bill to Student Account Services and University Billing to:

Central Michigan University
Student Account Services and University Billing
Attn: Third Party Specialist
Bovee UC 119
Mt. Pleasant, MI 48859

Phone: 989-774-7340
Fax: 989-774-1452

​Third Party Vendors Include but are not ​limited to:


After successfully completing a term of service, AmeriCorps members who are enrolled in the National Service Trust are eligible to receive an education award. The education award can be used to pay education costs at qualified institutions of higher education or training, or to repay qualified student loans. You will need to submit a request for aid through the AmeriCorps website. For more information please see the AmeriCorps website.

​Department of Military and Veterans Affairs

DANTES Distance Learning Programs for Extended Learning Students

ROTC - Army Reserve Officer Training Corps

Department of Military Affairs - Army

Children of Veterans Tuition Grant

VA Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (Chapter 31)

Forever GI Bill

State of Michigan

MET - Michigan Education Trust
*You may also contact the Michigan Education Trust (MET) office directly at (800)-638-4543.

MET - Declare a Major Form (Acrobat Reader needed)

Workforce Investment Act - Adults and Dislocated Worker Program – Michigan Works Association