Payment Plan FAQs

1. Who is eligible?

To be eligible for participation in the CMU Payment Plan, a student must meet the following requirements:

  • Be an admitted student for the semester in which the CMU Payment Plan will be used.
  • The account must not have any overdue unpaid balance. The previous semester’s charges must be paid in full before enrolling in the CMU Payment Plan.

2. Do I HAVE to enroll in a payment plan?

No, it is not required that you enroll in a payment plan each semester. It was designed for students and parents who with or without financial aid will not have enough to cover their tuition bill on the due date.

For students who have applied for financial aid and their award package covers the total cost of attendance through some combination of scholarships, grants, work study, and student and parent loans, please review the following examples to assist you in determining the necessity for a payment plan:

  • Example 1: Students who accept all of the offered aid will have sufficient funds and a payment plan is not necessary.
  • Example 2: Students who reject work study and suggested loans may find payment plan helpful
  • Example 3: Students who reduce the amount of suggested loans and would like to make monthly payments for the balance of educational costs may find the payment plan helpful

3. How much does it cost to enroll in the CMU Payment Plan? How often do I need to enroll?

There is a $25 nonrefundable enrollment fee attempted immediately from the payment method provided when enrolling in the CMU Payment Plan each semester. You will have to re-enroll each semester you wish to use the plan.

4. What payment methods are accepted? Is there a fee?

Electronic funds transfer from a checking or savings account or debit/credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express). If a debit/credit card is used, a convenience fee of 2.75% per transaction will be assessed.

5. How are my payments affected if my student account balance changes (i.e. course drops or adds, bookstore charges, financial aid)? When and how will I be notified?

Your CMU Payment Plan balance will be adjusted as your account balance changes. It is your responsibility to monitor your balance through your online account. As a courtesy, you will be notified by email if there is a change to your plan that affects your payment amount.

  • Increases or decreases made to your account balance approximately 10 business days prior to your scheduled payment date will be reflected in your next monthly payment. If your account balance changes less than 10 business days prior to your scheduled payment date, your next monthly payment will not be adjusted.
  • Subsequent payments will be adjusted accordingly.

6. When will I see my monthly payments applied to my CMU student account?

Payments will be applied to your account within 24 hours of the date they were scheduled. If you do not see your payment post to your CMU account within 24 hours, please contact Central Michigan University at 989-774-3618.

7. What happens if I don't have the funds available when my payment is attempted?

If your bank account balance is insufficient to cover your payment and it is returned unpaid, you will be notified of a reattempt date. NBS will deduct a $30 returned payment fee from your bank account or credit card five days after each time a payment is returned. After the second unsuccessful attempt, CMU reserves the right to terminate the payment plan agreement and charge any associated penalties (i.e. $100 non-payment of tuition fee, $30 monthly late fees for each month past the tuition due date).

8. What should I do if I change my bank account?

You can update your payment method by logging into your QuikPAY account and selecting "Payment Plans" on the left-hand menu. Click the agreement number for the plan you want to change, this will allow you to view more details on the plan. Next to the current payment method, there will be a "Change Payment Method" link. This link will allow you to edit or add a new payment profile. Please note that only the plan owner can update payment information.

9. I have applied for financial aid but it has not been awarded yet and tuition is due. What do I do?

If your aid has not yet been awarded, you may enroll in the CMU Payment Plan to cover your total balance due. Any financial aid payments made to your student account after you enroll in the CMU Payment Plan may result in an adjustment to your CMU Payment Plan budget and monthly payment. Refunds of overpayments (if applicable) will be issued by the university in accordance with our refund policy via the CMU Money Card or by direct deposit. If your aid is enough to cover your charges, you will not be refunded the $25 enrollment fee.

10. Can multiple authorized payers have access to view my payment plan?

You can grant payment plan access to multiple authorized payers on your account. When signing up for a payment plan, you will have the option to individually grant access to each of your authorized payers.

If an authorized payer is the plan owner (they establish the plan under their authorized payer account), they will also have the option to grant other already designated authorized payers access to the plan.

Please note that only a plan owner can make changes to the payment plan. Other authorized individuals will have either "detail only" access or "detail and email" access.