Direct Deposit of Student Refunds

Select Direct Deposit for the quick and easy transfer of your CMU account refunds into a personal bank account of your choice.  All you need is your bank routing and account number, typically located at the bottom of a personal check for your account.

To sign up for direct deposit:

  • Log in to CentralLink
  • Click on "My Account"
  • Under the "Finances" heading, click on "Sign up for CMU Money Card or Direct Deposit"
  • Follow the instructions to enter your banking information

Changes made on refund payment dates may not take effect before refunds are processed. If you have questions about the account a refund has been sent to, you may call the Student Service Court at 989-774-3618.

If you are employed at CMU and want more information on having your paychecks direct deposited into a personal bank account, please visit the Payroll or Travel Reimbursement website.