CMU Money Cards FAQs

Why must I select a refund payment method?
The Student Account Services and University Billing Office has eliminated paper refund checks. There are many advantages to using either the Direct Deposit or CMU Money Card option.

How do I sign up for direct deposit or the CMU Money Card?
Go here (link). There you will have the option to choose direct deposit or the CMU Money Card option.

If I select the CMU Money Card, when will I receive my card?

New students will receive their CMU Money Cards approximately two weeks after the end of Phase I registration. Cards for students enrolling after the end of Phase I registration will be mailed within 10-14 business days of the request.

What happens if I do not select a payment option?

A valid refund method is required to be on file for all CMU students. Students that have not selected an electronic payment method will be automatically enrolled to receive the CMU Money Card.

Where will the CMU Money Card be mailed?

CMU Money Cards will be mailed to your permanent address. Please be sure that you have a current address on file. International students' cards will be mailed to a local address if one is provided, or held at the Student Service Court. An e-mail will be sent to your student global e-mail address if a card is available to be picked up.

Who do I contact if I do not receive my card?

Contact Money Network™ at 888-913-0900.  If you lost or never received the CMU Money Card and the card was never activated, a new card will be provided to you free of charge.

What happens if the card is lost or stolen?

You must contact Money Network™ directly at 888-913-0900 to report the card lost or stolen. They will issue you a new card.  A fee may be associated with the replacement of your card. You may request rush delivery for an additional fee.

Can I change payment options after I sign up?

Yes, you may change your refund option via CentralLink. If you originally selected direct deposit and change to the CMU Money Card, please note that you will not be sent a card until the next time you have a credit on your account to refund. Changes from the CMU Money Card to direct deposit may be made at any time and are effective immediately.

Does Money Network™ offer a website to check my account information?

Yes, Money Network™ offers online services such as balance inquiry, bill pay, funds transfers, and change of address submissions at

Can I have my paycheck deposited onto the CMU Money Card?
Yes, the CMU Money Card is available to use for both your student account refunds and payroll. You can enroll for both programs in CentralLink.  You will have only one card for both programs.

Can I have both direct deposit and the CMU Money Card for my payroll?
NO. You can have direct deposit divided amongst several accounts at one time, or your can have the CMU Money Card with your entire pay put on the card but you cannot have both. However, you can have your payroll direct deposited and have a CMU Money Card for your student account refunds or you can have the CMU Money card for your refund and directed deposit for your payroll.

Where can I use the CMU Money Card?

Thousands of ATM’s around the United States offer fee free transactions through Allpoint®, and Independent Bank. You may withdraw up to $400 per day subject to each ATM's limit policy.  For a complete list of ATM’s available for no or low fees please go to

Where can I cash the CMU Money Card checks?
The checks can be cashed at participating locations or deposited to a bank. To find a location near you, please visit and click on the Money Network Store Locator.

How can I use the CMU Money Card to pay my bills online?

Because it is a debit card Mastercard, you can pay your bills online.  There are two options for making payment. You may use your card in the same manner as a debit/credit card or utilize the routing and account number provided with your Money Card information to make an online check payment.

Can my parents put money on the CMU Money Card for me?
Yes, the CMU Money Card has a routing number and an account number assigned to it just like a checking account. Funds can be transferred to the card through an electronic transfer. Your bank may charge a fee for this transaction.

Is there an application for the CMU Money Card?

There is no application or approval process.  Everyone is eligible for the CMU Money Card, but you will need to authorize CMU to issue the card by going to the Portal and signing up.

What do I do if I forget my PIN?

Call Money Network™ ’s customer service at 888-913-0900. Follow the menu to generate a new PIN. Your new PIN will be active immediately.

Can I have the CMU Money Card if I don’t have or want a checking account?
Yes, you do not need to be affiliated with any bank to have the CMU Money Card.

How long will the funds remain on the CMU Money Card?
Any amount that is not spent will stay on your card so you can spend it whenever you need it. You can hear your balance 24 hours a day by calling Money Network™ at 888-913-0900. You can also view your balance online at

How will I know when my refund or payroll has been credited to my CMU Money Card?
On payday, you can call 888-913-0900 to hear the amount that was credited to your account. CMU will continue to provide your pay stub showing the amount of your earnings and how much was credited to your account. This information is provided on the Po​rtal under the finance page.

When you receive a refund from your student account, the Student Account Services and University Billing Office will e-mail a refund notification to your CMU e-mail account informing you of the amount.  Your funds will be deposited onto your card within two business days of the notification e-mail.

Does CMU see or get reports on how I use my CMU Money Card?

No.  All of your transactions are private.  CMU has access only to your balance and enrollment information.  Detailed transaction history can only be obtained by calling Money Network TM's customer service at 888-913-0900 or by viewing your account at

What happens to the card if I leave CMU?
If employed by CMU, your final pay will be deposited to your CMU Money Card.  All student account refunds will also continue to be applied to your CMU Money Card. The CMU Money Card stays active as long as you have funds available and you can continue to use your card until your account balance is zero.

Is the CMU Money Card FDIC insured?
Yes, all cards are issued through FDIC insured MetaBank, Sioux Falls, SD.

Will I be charged the convenience fee if I use the CMU Money Card to pay my student account?
You can pay your bill in person at the Student Service Court utilizing a  Money Network™ check. You may also make payment via the CMU Portal, selecting the e-check option and using the routing and account number provided in your CMU Money Card information packet. You will be charged the 2.75% service fee if your transaction is processed as a MasterCard credit card transaction.

What will it cost me to use the CMU Money Card?
Please refer to the fee schedule provided in the information packet that you received from Money Network TM.

Does CMU receive any payment from Money Network for using their company's prepaid debit card?
We do not receive any payments from Money Network; however, Independent Bank remits a quarterly payment to CMU equal to $1.00 for each monthly disbursement onto a student's CMU Money Card.


**Please note that CMU does not provide your social security number to Money Network TM. When asked for your social security number, please provide your campus ID number preceded by enough zeros to make it the same length as a social security number. Example: ID #999999 would need to be provided as "Social Security Number" 000-99-9999. When asked for the last four digits of your social security number, please provide the last four digits of your campus ID number.

If you have further questions or wish to provide feedback, please contact:

Student Account Services & University Billing
Bovee University Center #119
Mount Pleasant, MI 48859


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