Step 1 - Processing Departmental Deposits

Step 1:  Preparing the Departmental Deposit
Step 2:  Preparing  the Deposit
Step 3:  Additional Policies and Procedures

Preparing the Departmental Deposit

A Departmental Deposit For​m​​ must be used for each deposit using the following guidelines.  Write the university account number on the receipt.  The account number consists of a five-digit Cost Center number OR an eight digit fund number (F) AND a six-digit General Ledger (GL) number. The Internal Order (IO) number is optional. 

  • Record the amount to be deposited into each account number.
  • Record the total amount being deposited.
  • Record the name of the cost center or organization account.
  • Record a description of the deposit being made. This description will appear on the SAP text line item. We may abbreviate to get as much of the information as possible. ​
IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT THE BOTTOM PORTION OF THE DEPARTMENTAL DEPOSIT FORM BE COMPLETED. The cashier's office must have the department name, address, and contact person. This allows us to contact the appropriate person if there is a problem with the deposit.

Step 2:  Preparing  the Deposit