Closure Pay Practices

  • An official university “closure” begins at the time set forth in the formal closure announcement and ends at the earlier of the time operations resume following a delayed opening or 11:59 p.m. of the same day of the closure.
  • Employees who report for their regular shift as scheduled and who are sent home before their shift ends because of an official university closure will be paid their regular pay rate for all scheduled hours worked during that shift as well as for all hours scheduled but not worked for the balance of their regular shift.
  • Employees who are scheduled to work on the day of the closure and who, prior to the announcement of the official closing, call in to inform their supervisor that they do not intend to report for work due to inclement weather, will be required to charge the scheduled time not worked prior to the official time of closure to vacation, personal time or lost time (if no paid time is available). The balance of the regular schedule not worked after the official time of closure will be paid at their regular rate.
  • Employees whose regular shift on the day of the closure is scheduled to start after announcement of an official closing will not be required to report for work and will be paid for the hours scheduled but not worked during the closure. Portions of such regular work shift that extend beyond 11:59 p.m. of the day of the closure (or beyond the time operations resume, if the closure is the result of a delayed opening) may, with supervisory approval, be covered by vacation, personal time or lost time (if no paid time is available).
  • Employees who were on pre-approved absences during the closure period will be required to use that leave pay during the closing.
  • Hourly employees who work in 24-hour operations or whose services may be needed during the closure (e.g. powerhouse, custodial, police, switchboard, snow removal crews) should check with their supervisor for specific instructions relative to reporting for work. If required to work during the closure, these employees shall receive their regular rate of pay for all hours worked during the closing and will receive compensatory time off at the rate of one hour for each hour of work actually performed during the period that the university is officially closed.