Human Resources Policies and Programs

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Additional Compensation

Advocacy Policy​

Affirmative Action / Equal Opportunity

Alcohol Policy​

Alternative Work Schedules

Campus Security

Catastrophic & Serious Leave -ME

Catastrophic & Serious Leave -OP

Catastrophic Leave Program - P&A

Catastrophic Leave Program - SM

Catastrophic Leave Program - SO

Catastrophic Leave Program - ST


Closing the University


Compensation Philosophy

Conflict of Interest Policies​​

Consensual Relationships Policy

Criminal History Checks

Crisis Response Plan

Digital Communication Policy

Diversity Strategic Plan

Drug-Free Schools/Workplace - Mount Pleasant

Dual Career Program

Email Lists for Faculty and Staff

Employment Eligibility Verification (I-9)

Employment Verification​

Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Protocol


Faculty Policies and Procedures

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

Family Medical Leave Act

Flexible Work Schedules (Alternative Work Schedule)

Fraud and Fraudulent Activities Policy​

Freedom of Information Policy

Fund Raising/Solicitation Policy​

HIPAA (see chapter 12)

Hiring Process (Staff)

Hiring Process Overview - Detailed

Holiday Pay for Temporary and Relief Staff

Immigration Expenses Policy

Independent Contractors Policy

Injury Reporting Guidelines​

Michigan Special Olympics Employees

Military Leave - Long Term

Moving Expense Policy

Nepotism/Family Employment

Non-Discrimination Policy​

Other Eligible Individuals

Overtime/Compensatory Time

Paying Individuals to Perform a Service

Performance Evaluation Policy - Guide and Forms

Progressive Discipline - Supervisor's Guide to Managing Performance

Release Time for Employee Volunteer Activities

Retiree Status

Search Firm Policy

Senior Officer Development

Senior Officer Search and Selection Procedures/Guidelines

Sexual Misconduct Policy​

Sign Language Interpreter

Social Security Number Privacy

Staff Excellence Award

Supplemental Assignments​

Survivor Benefit

Termination Checklist

Tobacco-Free Policy​​

Travel:  Determining Compensable Time​

Travel Information

Tuition Benefit Plan

Volunteer Waiver of Liability and Release

Weapons Policy

Work Accommodation Process

Workplace Violence

CMU's Manual of Policies, Procedures & Guidelines is located on the general counsel's website.