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CMU employs more than 2,600 employees who serve nearly 27,000 students in approximately 5​0 remote locations in​ the United States and Canada.  We have 14 employee groups and nine collective bargaining agreements​.

We are here to help so please feel free to contact any one of our staff members.

Human Resources

Email: emplsvcs@cmich.edu
Basney, Val
Executive Office Specialist, Employment Services​​
Rowe 109​​

Beltinck, Patty
HR/SAP Systems Analyst, SAP Information Systems​
Rowe 114C

Blake, Harley
Manager, Professional Development Programs 
Rowe 108A

Blem, Donna
Administrative Secretary, Benefits & Wellness
Rowe 108

Blem, Corby
Senior Office Specialist, Student Employment
BUC 121

Christian, Erin
Assistant Director, Employment & Compensation
Rowe 108G

Clark, Cali
Director, Employment & Compensation
Rowe 109A

Courtright, Jessica
HR Consultant, Employment Services
Rowe 109B

Dattilo, Drew
Benefits Specialist, SAP Information Systems
Rowe 114

Halfmann, Mary
HR/SAP Systems Analyst, SAP Information Systems​
Rowe 114A

Hella, Lori
Associate Vice President/Human Resources
Rowe 118C

Hoffman, Scott
Director, Employee & Labor Relations
Rowe 118A

Houle, Brett
Senior Office Specialist
Bovee UC 121
(989) 774-7468

Johnston, Kathy
Benefits/Insurance Specialist, Benefits & Wellness
Rowe 108

Moss, Angie
Assistant Director/Benefits
Rowe 108
(989) 774-4992

Morey, Mary Lou
Director, Benefits & Wellness
Rowe 108C

Ranck, Lindsay
Executive Office Specialist, Student Employment
UC 121
(989) 774-3772

Skiver, Kristen
HR Consultant, Employment Services
Rowe 109C

Strandskov, Cheryl
Systems & Technology Coordinator, OIT-Help Desk
Rowe 114D

Sytek, Sherry
Senior Office Specialist, Employment Services
Rowe 109A

Thering, Amy
Manager, Student Employment
UC 121

Turner, Nikki
Manager/SAP Information Systems
Rowe 114B

Venman, Sarah
HR Assistant, Associate Vice President's Office
Rowe 118B