Guardian Dental Plan

Benefit-eligible faculty and staff have their choice of two levels of dental coverage:  Core and Buy-up.  The coverage you receive is based on your choice of dental plans.

Core Plan: This plan provides basic coverage for routine exams, cleanings and other basic and major services at an affordable premium cost share.  There is a $50 annual deductible per person and a maximum annual deductible of $150 per family.  The plan pays up to $1,000 per member each plan year (July 1 - June 30).  Orthodontia is not covered. 

Buy-Up Plan:  This plan provides the greatest coverage and has the highest premium cost share. There is no annual deductible and the plan pays up to $1,500 per member each plan year.  In addition, the plan provides up to a $2,000 lifetime maximum orthodontia benefit for dependent children up to age 19.

With either plan, you can visit any dentist; but you will pay less out-of-pocket when you choose a Guardian dentist.  Out-of-network benefits are based on a percentile of the prevailing fee data for the dentist's zip code.

Finding a Guardian Dentist

A current listing of dental offices that are part of the Guardian networks can be found using the online dentist directory. 

  • Visit and select "Find a Provider"
  • Click on "Search Providers"
  • Under "Find a Dentist", select PPO as the plan type and search by name location or distance
  • See a listing of dentists that meet your search

ID Cards Are Not Required

No need for an ID card to use your Guardian dental benefits.  Simply provide your Group ID number (00560625) to your dental office.  A Member Reference Card is also available under Helpful Information section on this page.

If you still want an ID card, you can print a customized ID Card using GuardianAnytime.  You may also order an ID card by calling Guardian at 800-541-7846.