Flexible Spending Accounts

A Flexible Spending Account (FSA) is a voluntary benefit account that allows you to contribute pre-tax earnings for later reimbursement of specific health care or dependent day care expenses for yourself and/or eligible family members.  CMU's FSA administrator is General Agency Company.

Video Orientation

What Participants Need to Know

Important FSA Information for Fixed-Term Faculty

​Reimbursement Schedules
​Debit Card
Debit Card User Instructions
FSA Debit Card Instructional Video
Claim Filing Instructions for Smart Phones
Debit Card and Substantiation FAQ
Dependent Day Care Account FSA (DDC)
DDC FSA Coverage Grid
DDC FSA Request for Reimbursement
DDC Receipt Template
​Health Care (HC) FSA
HC FSA Coverage Grid
HC FSA Request for Reimbursement


CMU Choices Flexible Benefits Plan Document