Patient & Hospital Guides to Improve Quality and Save You $$

The following links will direct you to web sites containing information regarding the quality of various providers or services. This information is offered to assist you as you face decisions regarding where to spend your healthcare dollars.

Prescription - reports and information to guide consumers and doctors in making more cost-effective prescription drug choices

  • Consumer Reports Best Buy Drugs - contains information to identify the most effective, safe, and lowest cost drugs for many common health conditions ( click on Drug Reports at the top of the Best Buy web site)
  • Michigan Drug Prices - An online tool developed and maintained by the Michigan Department of Community Health to help Michigan citizens compare prices for 30 of the most commonly used drugs.  The site provides drug prices as reported by various retail pharmacies in a particular Michigan zip code or city.
  • GoodRx - An easy-to-use app that provides money-saving tips, information about $4 generic and pharmacy rewards programs, search by condition, and the option to search for pharmacies by zip code or detect your location using GPS. The app is free for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, and GoodRx is also Android-compatible.

CMU does not endorse these organizations and the information is provided as a customer service.