Short Term Disability Summary

Benefits Begin 45 calendar days or the exhaustion of accrued sick leave time, whichever is longer, benefits begin the day after this elimination  period is completed.
Definition of Disability

Immediately following a period of Total Disability for which you are eligible to receive a weekly benefit, you are:

  • still prevented by the same disabling condition from performing essential duties of your occupation, but;
  • you have recovered to the extent that you are:

a) able to perform some, but not all, of the essential duties of your or any occupation; and

b) as a result, you are earning more than 20% but no more than 80% of your pre-disability weekly earnings.

Partial Disability Allows you to return to work while disabled.
Percent Benefit You must choose one benefit level: 50% of weekly earnings (subject to a maximum benefit of $900/per week) OR 67% of weekly earnings (subject to a maximum benefit of $1,200/per week) OR No Coverage. Payment may be reduced by other deductible sources of income.
Maximum Period of Payment 135 days
Taxes The amount that you collect in short term disability benefits is considered taxable income upon receipt since short term disability benefit coverage is being purchased with pre-tax dollars.
Evidence of Insurability No evidence of insurability for newly hired employees who apply for coverage when they first become eligible. Employees who choose to pick up coverage or increase coverage at open enrollment or family status change will need to complete an evidence of insurability application.
Not Covered Disabilities due to an occupational sickness or injury
Reinstatement If your coverage ends because you are no longer employed by CMU or no longer in an eligible class; and you are rehired or return to an eligible class within 24 months of the date your coverage ended; then coverage may be reinstated, provided that you request such reinstatement within 31 days of the date you return to work or to an eligible class. You will not have to go through evidence of insurability (EOI) or be subject to the waiting period.
Increasing coverage If an employee increases their STD coverage after initial enrollment, Evidence of Insurability is needed.
Minimum weekly benefit $25.00