Benefits Status Change When You Have a CHILD(ren)

Benefits Status Change When You Have an Addition of a New Child(ren)

The addition of a new child to your household is a qualifying status change event that allows you to make certain changes to and enroll in benefits mid-year.  The benefits affected by the birth or adoption of a child are outlined below.

Medical/Prescription Drug Plan

As a result of your child's birth or adoption, you and your eligible dependents may enroll in the CMU medical/prescription drug plan.  If you are already enrolled in this plan, you may add coverage for your new child and any eligible dependents.  Enrollment must be completed by submitting a Status Change Request form to the CMU Benefits & Wellness office within 30 calendar days of your child's birth or the date the child is placed in your home in anticipation of formal adoption or as of the date of adoption, whichever is earlier.

Dental & Vision Plans

If you are already enrolled in the dental and/or vision plans, you may enroll your child in the same plans.  If you are not already enrolled in these plans, you are not eligible to enroll until the next open enrollment.

Life Insurance & Disability Plans

To be sure you have coverage to accommodate the change in your family, you should re-evaluate your life insurance coverage.  If not already enrolled, the birth or adoption allows you to newly enroll in child/ren life insurance / AD&D.  Once enrolled, all eligible children in the household are covered from age 14 days up to the end of the calendar year they turn 26.  You may also decide to change your life insurance beneficiary (ies) at this time.

Flexible Spending Accounts

You may wish to reconsider your earlier decisions about participation in Flexible Spending Account (FSA) plans.  You may sign up now or if already participating, you may want to change your contribution amount.  You may need to increase your Health FSA contributions to pay for out-of-pocket health care expenses for your child with tax-free dollars.  If you will have day care expenses, you may want to begin or increase your contributions to a Dependent Care FSA.  However, you may only begin the Dependent Care FSA once you and your spouse return from maternity leave.

Retirement and Tax Deferred Investment (TDI) Plans

You should review your investment elections and contribution amounts to make sure they reflect your new financial goals.  You may wish to update your beneficiary (ies) under these plans as well.  You can make these changes at any time throughout the year.

Tax Withholdings

You may consider changing your federal and state tax withholding by completing new W-4 forms available on the CMU Payroll website.

30-Calendar Day Deadline

If the Status Change Request Form for a birth, adoption or placement for adoption is received by the CMU Benefits & Wellness office within 30 calendar days from the event date, coverage begins on the date of the birth or adoption.  If the Status Change Request Form is received after 30 calendar days, coverage begins on the first day of the next available pay period after the form is received.

**Read:  Guide for Qualifying Status Change Events before filing a Status Change Request form.

This summary is not designed to serve as your reference for the details of these benefits.  The CMU Choices Flexible Benefit Plan Document - Plan Document and Summary Plan Description is available online and contains detailed information about the plan, including important details about limitations on benefits and your legal rights.  The actual provisions of each benefit plan will govern if there is any inconsistency between this summary and Central Michigan University's formal plan or contracts.  This summary does not constitute a contract for any benefit.

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