Death Related Status Changes

The steps you will need to take when you have suffered the loss of a dependent vary slightly depending on whether it is your spouse, other eligible individual or child.  Notify the CMU Benefits & Wellness office as soon as possible for assistance.

Medical/Prescription Drugs, Dental and Vision Plans

After the loss of a dependent, you may need to update or change your health plan elections. If you were previously covered under your late spouse's plan, you and your dependents (if applicable) may elect coverage with the university.  

If already enrolled in CMU's health benefits, you may need to change from family to two person or individual coverage. You may need to add your children to your benefits coverage if your spouse previously covered them. In the event of the death of a child, you will need to remove them from your coverage.  Enrollment changes must be completed by submitting a Status Change Request form to the CMU Benefits & Wellness office within 30 calendar days of the event date.

Life Insurance & Disability Plans

You will need to re-evaluate your current life insurance elections to accommodate the change in your family structure. If your spouse passed away, use the Status Change Request form to waive spouse life insurance/AD&D.  Waive your child life insurance / AD&D if you no longer have a qualifying dependent child, using the Status Change Request form. 

You should also review your life insurance beneficiary(ies).  You can make changes to your life insurance beneficiaries any time.

Flexible Spending Accounts

Consider whether to participate in the Flexible Spending Account (FSA) plans, or if participating, decide whether you need to decrease or stop your Health FSA contributions.

Retirement and Tax Deferred Investment (TDI) Plans

Update your beneficiary(ies) you have listed under these plans. You may want to review your investment elections and contribution amounts under the Tax Deferred Investment Plan to accommodate your new situation. You may choose to begin, increase, decrease or stop contributions due to your new circumstances.

Tax Withholdings

You may consider changing your federal and state tax withholding by completing new W-4 forms available on the CMU Payroll website

Be sure to make changes with the CMU Benefits & Wellness Office at 989-774-3661 or within 30 calendar days of the date of the event.

**Read: Guide for Qualifying Status Change Events before filing a Status Change Request form.

This summary is not designed to serve as your reference for the details of these benefits. The CMU Choices Flexible Benefit Plan – Plan Document and Summary Plan Description is available online and contains detailed information about the plan, including important details about limitations on benefits and your legal rights. The actual provisions of each benefit plan will govern if there is any inconsistency between this summary and Central Michigan University's formal plans or contracts. This summary does not constitute a contract for any benefit.

Other changes you may need to make:

Remove Spouse and/or dependents from your CMU benefits coverage

Change beneficiary(ies) for Life Insurance and Retirement Plans (TIAA)

Make adjustments to your Flexible Spending Account(s)