Benefits Status Change When You Take an UNPAID LEAVE of Absence

An information series from Central Michigan University's Benefits Department

Medical, Prescription Drugs, Dental, and Vision Plans

Central Michigan University allows you to continue in all or part of your current benefits. The premium cost to continue your coverage will remain the same as that for active participants, but you will receive no University contribution unless you qualify under FMLA or are governed by your union contract or worker's compensation leave.

Life Insurance & Disability Plans

If you are enrolled you may continue or cancel your participation. Premium costs will remain the same as that for active participants, but you will receive no University contribution, unless it is a worker's compensation leave. Prior to the start of your leave of absence you need to contact the Benefits Office to continue coverage during the leave. Once your request to continue coverage is received, we will ensure your participation in those plans. Contact the Benefits Office for the necessary Leave of Absence Benefit forms. You will need to pay your premiums to the Benefits Office each month you are on leave. If premium payments are not made, participation in the plans will be canceled . Once participation has been canceled, you will not be able to enroll until you return to active employment.

Flexible Spending Accounts

If you are enrolled in Flex Spending Accounts, you have the option to continue to make contributions to your account(s) on a post-tax basis. If you continue your account(s) by making post-tax contributions, you may submit claims for expenses incurred while on leave. If you do not continue to make contributions to your account(s), claims incurred during the leave will not be eligible for reimbursement.

Retirement and Tax Deferred Investment (TDI) Plans

Since they are based on salary paid to you, University contributions to your retirement and your contributions to a tax deferred investment will cease when your unpaid leave begins. When you return from leave your participation in the retirement and TDI plans may be reinstated. Contact the Benefits Office for re-enrollment information. If you leave and return to work within the same benefit plan year, we will then enroll you in the same benefit elections you were on at the time of your leave. If on leave at the start of an open enrollment new year, you can not pick up any benefits for life LTD, STD until you return to work.

Be Sure to Make Changes with the Benefits Office at 774-3661 within 30 days of your leave of absence.

**Read: Guide for Qualifying Status Change Events before filing a status change forms.

This summary is not designed to serve as your reference for the details of these benefits. There is a Summary Plan Description for each benefits plan, which is available from the Benefits Office and which contains more complete information about the plan, including important details about limitations on benefits and your legal rights. The actual provisions of each benefit plan will govern if there is any inconsistency between this summary and Central Michigan University's formal plans or contracts. This summary does not constitute a contract for any benefit.

Other changes you may need to make:

Change address with CMU? and its carriers (MESSA, BCBS, etc)

Continue coverage on all or part of your current benefits

Make adjustments to your Flexible Spending Account(s)