Tuition Benefit Program

This program is intended to provide eligible staff, faculty, Military Science staff, CMU Retirees, and in some cases, their spouses, Other Eligible Individual (OEI) and dependent child(ren) of employee and Other Eligible Individual (OEI) with the opportunity of furthering their educational/career development or pursuing their vocational interests by making undergraduate and graduate courses available to them at reduced cost. Please refer to the Tuition Benefit Plan Policy for more details.

Tuition Benefit Form

To apply for tuition benefit, click here: WEB BASED TUITION BENEFIT FORM

  • Drop/add information is included on the form in the event changes need to be made to the amount of credit hours to be waived based on changes to course enrollment.


The deadline to submit an online Tuition Benefit Request form for courses taken anytime during the benefit year, which begins in Fall Semester and concludes at the end of Summer Semester, will be September 30 following the end of the Summer semester.

Taxability of Tuition Benefit

Whether or not courses taken by employees, spouses, Other Eligible Individual and/or dependent child(ren) are taxable income to the employee is determined by the Internal Revenue Service law and regulations. Sometimes the taxability of the benefit will vary from employee to employee or between undergraduate and graduate courses.  Examples of how taxation of tuition benefit impacts an employee paycheck can be viewed on Payroll's website here‚Äč.

It is strongly encouraged that tuition benefit forms are submitted as soon as possible after registering for the course to lessen the impact of the taxes.