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​​2016-17 Annual Summary – Medical, Prescription & Dental Self-funded Plans

  • Medical, prescription and dental plan expenses (claims + administrative fees) increased 5.7% (or $1.4M) from 2015-16 to 2016-17 plan year. 
  • BCBS Medical Plan: Expenses were $174,634 higher than expected (or projected) for an annual spend of $19,134,158.  
  • CVS Caremark Prescription Plan: Expenses were $444,938 higher than expected (or projected) for an annual spend of $4,730,927.  
  • Meritain Dental Plan:  Expenses were  $38,617 lower than expected (or projected) for an annual spend of $2,221,905.

2016-17 Gainsharing Summary

  • Gainsharing takes place when the self-funded medical and prescription plans result in a combined positive balance at year-end after the reserve accounts are funded and other expenses have been reconciled. 
  • The 2016-17 medical and prescription expenses (claims + administrative fees) were higher than expected.  As a result, funds were moved from the medical and prescription reserve accounts to cover the higher than expected plan spend. 
  • With the negative self-funded medical and prescription balances and required 2017-18 reserve funding level, there will be no gain-sharing payments distributed this plan year.
  • Many thanks to the employees who participated in the VirginPulse wellness reward program.  Their involvement in the program makes CMU a healthier and more productive workplace.
    • 851 employees earned 36,000 or more PulsePoints
    • 423 employees reached Level 4 each quarter – earning $400
    • 75 spouses / other eligible individuals reached Level 4 each quarter – earning $200

Plan Year 2016-2017

July 1, 2016 - June 30, 2017

Health care

Slightly higher than expected
Higher than expected
Slightly lower than expected
Slightly higher than expected

VirginPulse Wellness Program Summary: With input from the CMU Healthcare Committee, three wellness program goals were set for the 2016-17 plan year. The Central Care Checkup will show our progress on achieving these goals.

  1. Increase participants earning PulsePoints to 70%.
  2. Increase employee average steps to 8,000 steps/per day.
  3. Increase the number of participants completing the WellSource HRA to 70%.
  4. Virgin Pulse wellness program - 2016-17 Goals