Welcome to the Central Care Checkup

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​We are pleased to present a new quarterly communication – the Central Care Checkup. This communication will report on the performance of the Central Care Plan, comprised of our self-funded Blue Cross Blue Shield medical, CVS Caremark prescription drug, Meritain dental and Virgin Pulse wellness programs.

2013-2014 vs. 2014-2015

January 1 - March 31


Medical and dental costs remained stable with only a 1-2% increase from the prior fiscal year period. Prescription drug costs continue to rise at a startling rate of 12%. The main factor for this increase is due to the higher use and cost of specialty drugs.

Enrollment in VirginPulse increased 1% from the prior quarter. There was a decrease in activity as shown in the participants earning HealthMiles, number of total steps taken, and number of participants reaching Level 5. One of the main factors may be the winter months – as some people find it challenging to remain active during this time of the year.

Health care

Increase in number of medical claims processed (increased utilization)
Increase in the number of prescription drug claims processed (prescriptions filled)
Increase in prescription claim cost
Increase in total cost for medical, prescription and dental claims combined ($4.9M vs. $5.1M for 3Q – 2013-14 vs 2014-15)

Virgin Pulse wellness program - Third Quarter Results

Number of eligible employees enrolled in the program (1% increase from previous quarter)
Employees & spouses/OEIs are earning HealthMiles (20% decrease from previous quarter)
Total number of steps taken by participants (from previous quarter)
Average number of participants who reached level 5 (6.5% decrease from previous quarter)