Employee Assistance Program

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Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week On-Line, On-Site, and On-Call 800-788-8630

The EAP services available to you through Encompass are provided as part of your CMU benefits package at no cost to you.  These services provide confidential support for issues that may impact your work or personal life.  Professional confidential support is provided to you (via telephone, face-to-face or on-line) to assist with any life difficulties that you may encounter.

On-Line Access

Go to www.encompass.us.com  and use “cmu” as your user name to access the website.  To schedule a professional consultation in REAL-TIME, simply click on the blue "Encompass" logo at the top of the page where you will be taken to the Encompass home page.  Click on the "Contact" link in the upper right hand corner and complete the information requested.  An on-line appointment will be scheduled for you with an Encompass professional.

On-Site Access

Encompass routinely provides confidential face-to-face support at a location near your work or your home.  Simply contact 1-800-788-8630 to schedule an appointment near you.

On-Call Access

The Encompass Call Center is standing by and ready to assist you with helpful information, tools or confidential consultation. Encompass will also assist you to receive accurate resource information or make referral arrangements for you as needed.  Telephonic consult is available by calling 1-800-788-8630.

Work/Life Services

In addition to the traditional EAP services, CMU employees and their families can take advantage of the comprehensive work-life consultation and referral program available through Encompass.  CMU employees can connect with Work-Life consultants 24/7 via telephone to receive consultation, educational materials and verified, confirmed provider referrals within 12 business hours for such things as Child Care, Adoption, Elder Care, Daily Living and Wellness.  The Work-Life program also includes access to a plethora of web resources that include on-line access to consultants, on-line locators for child and elder care, a Learning Center, Relocation Center, Resource Library and Health Tools.  To access this program, go to www.encompass.us.com, click on the employee link, enter “cmu” as your user name and begin to explore all of the information and resources available to you.