Employee Assistance Program

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When life happens, we are here to help.

ENCOMPASS is your work, life and well-being benefit provided at no cost to you, as well as to members of your household.  

ENCOMPASS  provides tools, information and resources to enhance well-being and to help you grow personally and professionally. The program provides consulting, coaching, advocacy and counseling. The ENCOMPASS staff wants to assist you in achieving your life's goals, recognizing that each person has unique needs/goals. The personalized coaching services are available face-to-face, telephonically or through virtual sessions.  

 ENCOMPASS access is simple

  • On-line: The new My Life Expert  website and easy-to-download mobile app provide 24/7 access to Encompass coaching, counseling and resources.  To access the new website or app follow the steps below to create a personal account.  These steps only have to be followed once to register, after that use the username and password created to access your account.
    • Go to www.encompass.us.com  
    • Click the green "Sign Up" button on the right side of the page. 
    • Enter cmuni  as the company code and follow the instructions to create your secure and confidential personal account. 
    • Click on the "Chat & Video" link for live chat support.  
           Download the app by scanning the QR code below and enter the user name and             password created to access your personal account.  Click on the chat icon to                     access live chat services.  

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  • On-site:  Call (800) 788-8630 to set up an appointment at a location near your work or your home.  Appointments may be scheduled 8a-5p EST, Monday through Friday.  
  • On-call:   Call (800) 788-8630 and the ENCOMPASS Customer Care Center will assist you with helpful information, tools or confidential consultation.  

Services and Resources


Putting work/life balance at your fingertips, My Life Expert allows you access to thousands of well-being articles, videos, and worksheets.  You can complete quick health and lifestyle assessments and interactive checklists.  Build your own Employee Profile to create a personal library for quick and easy access to the resources that matter most to you.  

Follow the registration steps listed above to create your personal account, download the app and begin to explore all the site has to offer.  

Watch - Create a My Life Expert Profile


Learning ways to approach how you think about your life and using techniques to becoming more mindful may produce significant benefits to your health and overall well-being.

Resources at you fingertips with My Life Expert Resource Locator


Create more ways to accomplish your goals.  People who set goals find greater life satisfaction and a clearer sense of purpose.